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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Baker Street Babes News

The episode on Paget & The Art of Sherlock Holmes has to be postponed since Kafers sort of moved to China and needs time to get adjusted, so Episode 7 is going to be on THE VILLAINS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. (so we're using a Paget drawing of Moriarty just for the lols)
There's more (and far more dastardly) than just Moriarty. What about the smarmy Charles August Milverton or the dark Stapleton? Who are some of your favourite Sherlock Holmes villains?

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  • Also, major thanks to everyone who follows us on Twitter, we just passed 500 followers!!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to us, it's really, honestly fantastic. Please talk to us on Twitter! We always write back :)
  • Taylor's Dragon Con report will be coming soon, as well as the recording of the Sherlock panel! Stay tuned!
  • We have MAJOR things coming up in the next two/three months. MAJOR THINGS. We can't tell you, but we will tease you. See, look at us teasing you.
  • Something we CAN tell you is that The Baker Street Babes will be appearing on the Geek Girls Network Podcast in October! Curly will be interviewed/plugging The Baker Street Babes, Sherlock Holmes, and literary geekiness to her heart's content! Their website it fantastic and they are a great group of girls who are quite huge in geek culture. We'll post a link to the episode once it's up!
  • I am absolutely DELIGHTED to report we have 4,300 plays on podOmatic for our episodes. 4,300!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That is JUST on podOmatic. We're on iTunes and most people get it downloaded directly through there, which we aren't able to keep track of (not yet, working on that feed... thing, it confuses me). Guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is huge and we love you all so much, THANK YOU!
Okay, I think that's all the news for now! THANK YOU GUYS!

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