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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

We Need Your Help: We've Maxed Out On Bandwidth... again

We really love the fact you like us, we really do... but did you have to use up 500GB of bandwidth in 14 days? Really? That's just excessive. In all seriousness, we're constantly floored about the reaction we get and just how many people listen to us (44,000 listens as of today 2/2/12). What this means, however, is that every time someone listens to an episode, they take a bit of bandwidth with them. We've had to upgrade three times, and now here comes the fourth.

We haven't been able to release a new episode because our bandwidth has been maxed out. It's likely all out episodes will become unavailable on podOmatic within the next day or two, and will remain dormant until the 18th of February unless we upgrade. That means if we don't upgrade we'll be episode-less for an entire month... and once we post a new one it'll kill it anyways. The fact is, there are too many of you now (don't worry we still love you!)

So in short, we have to upgrade, because if we don't, The Baker Street Babes Podcast cannot exist.

Sadly, this costs money. As in $400.

We all love this podcast to pieces and all of you, but we're all working or are students and that is a lot of money. We've earned some cash from our cafepress store, but those funds take 30 days to clear, so we can't tap into it. What we need are donations. So we need your help. If you click the shiny yellow button below, you can donate any amount in any currency and save the laughter and dulcet (okay, maybe not dulcet) tones of The Baker Street Babes. The paypal address is spazzkemmi@yahoo.com (an embarrassing number from Kristina/Curly's teenage years).

All donators will be thanked personally. You can rely on that. If you can't donate, don't feel bad. We know it's a tough economic climate, so if you can't give, please spread the word. Reblog this, tweet this, facebook it, shout it in the streets, email your long-lost cousins and sing a song for your grandmother. Do whatever you can. Around 1500 of you follow us here, we have nearly 2000 of you on twitter... we know you're out there, and this is us getting on our knees, begging you to help. Please, please, and please.

Come on, John Watson is currently suffering, do it for John.

Much Love,

The Baker Street Babes

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