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Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Baker Street Babes' Delicious Sherlock Holmes Pub Quiz

This is the quiz that we held at the Bella Italia yesterday as part of the activities around the Save Undershaw flashmob. Many thanks to all who came and took part! For those who couldn't make it and would like to play, here are the questions. No Googling! There are three rounds: BBC, Other Adaptations, and ACD Canon. Your friendly quiz writers were Ardy, Curly, and Curly's lovely housemate Jo.

Death frisbees at the ready, the game is afoot!


1.      Where does Mrs. Hudson live?

2.      What is Lestrade’s first name? 

3.      According to The Hounds of Baskerville, what’s the name of the owner of Speedy’s Café who Mrs. Hudson had a brief dalliance with?

4.      Which role on the show did Matt Smith audition for?

5.      What was the first thing Sherlock said to Jim?

6.      What is the address of the house used as the 221B exterior?

7.      What is John’s military rank and what regiment was he with? (1 point each)

8.      Which former Holmes actor has a cameo in the Diogenes Club in The Reichenbach Fall?

9.      What is Sherlock’s very first line on screen?

10.   According to A Study in Pink, who is the most dangerous man that John will ever meet?

11.   Tell us about Rupert Graves.

ROUND TWO: Other Adaptations
1.      In The Great Mouse Detective, the character modelled on Sherlock Holmes is called Basil. What is the name of the character based on Dr. Watson?

2.      Edward Hardwicke was one of two actors who played Dr. Watson opposite Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes. Who was the other?

3.      In which film is Holmes asked to impregnate a Russian ballerina?

4.       Which character from Star Trek: The Original Series is based on Sherlock Holmes?

5.      What drug is Dr. House addicted to?

6.      Which scene from The Great Mouse Detective is referenced in BBC’s The Reichenbach Fall?

7.      What language does Moriarty sing in in Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows? Extra points if you know which piece it is, and who by.

8.      Who was the Sherlockian consultant on the Guy Ritchie films?

9.       What is the name of the main female character in Laurie R. King’s series of Holmes pastiches?

10.   Jude Law plays Watson in the Guy Ritchie films. In which other Sherlock Holmes adaptation has he starred and what was special/unusual about that performance/role?

ROUND THREE: ACD Canon & Related
1.      What is the “murder weapon” in the story The Speckled Band?

2.      In The Empty House, Holmes tells Watson that he used an ancient martial art to defend himself against Professor Moriarty in the fight at Reichenbach Fall. What is the name of that martial art?

3.      What is the name of Holmes’ client in The Copper Beeches?

4.      What is the name of the oldest Sherlock Holmes society? (Hint: It’s also the name of the group of street urchins that Holmes employs in several stories.)

5.      Dr. Watson’s first name is John, yet his wife calls him by another Christian name in The Man with the Twisted Lip—which one?

6.      What colour is Jabez Wilson’s hair?

7.      What is the name of Irene Adler’s fiancé?

8.      Where (and how) does Holmes keep his unanswered correspondence?

9.      Arthur Conan Doyle based the character of Sherlock Holmes on one of his lecturers from medical school. What was the name of this lecturer?

10.   Holmes’ first case, which he narrates in The Gloria Scott, involves the only friend Holmes made during his two years at college. What is his name?

11.   BONUS QUESTION OF RIDICULOUSNESS: What was Arthur Conan Doyle’s first job?

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