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Friday, 6 April 2012

Episode 23: New and Old Sherlockians

Babes Ardy, Amy, Jenn, Maria, Sarah and Taylor chat to Mattias Boström, a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, about “New” and “Old” Sherlockians. Mattias is working on a book about the Sherlock Holmes success story at the moment, so we have plenty to talk about! What does it mean to be a Sherlockian or Holmesian these days? Do people still play The Game? What’s the difference between Sherlockian societies’ meetings and Sherlock meetups? What will happen to the Sherlock Holmes societies when the “Old” and the “New” Sherlockians meet? While we discuss these questions and more, one thing is certain: we are all united in our love for Sherlock Holmes.

As we found out, Mattias is always happy to chat to people about Holmes, so go follow him on Twitter @mattias221b!

Special thanks go to Roger Johnson and Carrie Chandler from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, who could not be there in person but provided us with questions for the discussion. You can follow Carrie on Twitter at @carriechandler or @SHSLBakerStweet for official SHSL news.

The book that Mattias mentioned in the episode is Steven Doyle and David Crowder’s Sherlock Holmes for Dummies, which you can buy from the bookseller of your choice.


  1. Excellent episode! Thank you. Good for you, Mattias.

  2. Really great episode! And so apt since I am going to brave attending my local Scion society meeting this week...

    Excellent questions and topics of discussion i.e. changing terms of Sherlockian and Holmesian, changing face of societies, and particularly the playing of the game with the #believe in sherlock movement and what we hear about how the public reacted in the 19th Century...we are, in sense, where they were because they had their contemporary, 19th Century Holmes and we have a contemporary 21st century Sherlock.

    The comment, I think Mattias made, in regards to ACD's Holmes being hyper-modern lit in the 19th Century and Gatiss/Moffat's BBC Sherlock being hyper-modern telly is quite true, I believe, and makes them quite parallel phenoms as a result the reactions have been similar.

    A very thoughtful podcast...and one that certainly bears more discussion!