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Friday, 24 August 2012

Series 3, What Could It Be?

Much like last time, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have released three words to give us a clue as to what the next three stories will be in Sherlock. This time around they are...


Ah ha. This will probably change as we think more about it, but here are some thoughts, wants, and general flailing on our part. Sue Vertue has confirmed that Series 3 will air next fall, possibly late summer after rumours surfaced this morning of the same. Huzzah for that!

Pastiche, The Giant Rat of Sumatra. We know that The Empty House will be the first episode, but they always conflate numerous stories into one. Curly is silently hoping for Rattigan.

Fairly obviously this'll be The Sign of Four with Mary Morstan (WHO IS AWESOME, CALM YOUR TITS). Could have elements of Charles Augustus Milverton where Holmes gets engaged to a maid to get info and then.. leaves... a wedding was also threatened in Charles Augustus Milverton (John & Mary's wedding threatened (not by a cockblocking Sherlock?)), and a bride went AWOL in The Noble Bachelor. The Illustrious Client also has wedding trouble in it. AND Solitary Cyclist had wedding stuff. SO MANY WEDDINGS!

Immediately think of His Last Bow, which is the last Holmes story and he goes to chill out with some bees. However, they've all said they want to keep doing them, so I refuse to believe this is it.
Mattias pointed out this may be referencing the Bow Street Runners, which were the first police force in London.
Also, not sure of the pronunciation, but what if it's a part of a tree or the front of a boat? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
The inflection was apparently like taking a bow. #sobs

BUT! His Last Bow is the title of a COLLECTION of stories and this includes The Dying Detective... if we wanted to kill Sherlock... again...

However the amazing Kristen McHugh just tweeted this to us... AND I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I WANT THIS!
@kristenmchugh22  @BakerStBabes What if Moran/Morstan are the same, & there's a Rat at the Wedding in more ways than one? #sherlock
And more thoughts from you fine folk:

thenorwoodbuilder said: “Rat” was also partial for “(Balla)rat” in BOSC. And they could use part of the plot from his last bow, but not make it the end of the show… 

bakerstreetbarricades: They never take the ACD stories literally - so what if “Bow” simply means that they will be doing kind of a spy story?

aurora-boreali said: OMG! Wedding could very well be The Solitary Cyclist, one of my faves! 

cranberryloops said: I’m now convinced the first episode will start with Sherlock being on a ship, making his childhood dream come true and being a PIRATE.

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  1. My theory still is that they only take the spy story element out of "His last Bow", because as far as I am concerned (and Wikipedia knows, 'cause I've not yet read the story in question), Sherlock has to dress up as a spy - it's told in third person narrator, so no John writing ... [I think I really need to read that story first]

    But then again, when have they adapted one story verbatim?
    And they all said they wanted to write more episodes, so they surely won't kill him for good (or make him retire - how would Cumberbatch and Freeman play that?