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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Episode 4: The Women of Sherlock Holmes


Babes: Curly, Ardy, and Jenn look at the Women in Sherlock Holmes, both canon and BBC, beyond Irene Adler (though we chat about her too!) Join us as we look at the role of women in Victorian times and the stories themselves, compare them with other Victorian heroines, look at the strong ones and weak ones alike, and try and grapple with the BBC!Verse women. Most importantly though! We answer questions from all of you!! We have some news to tell as well, a favour to ask, and a song about a snarky and sexy Blackberry loving lady at the end. It's The Baker Street Babes and it is Episode 4!

Exciting Reading List of Excitement!
Here's the Irene Adler series; eight novels by Carole Nelson Douglas: http://carolenelsondouglas.com/book-series/irene-adler/
You all may be interested to know that there are also Victorian!Lestrade novels, by M. J. Trow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M_J_Trow.

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