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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three Episodes?!

Provided no one gets pneumonia or loses their head, The Baker Street Babes Podcast will have THREE EPISODES THIS MONTH!

That’s right THREE EPISODES IN ONE MONTH!! And they are…

Episode 5: Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

Episode 6: Lyndsay Faye & The Pastiche (http://www.lyndsayfaye.com/)

Episode 7: Paget & The Art of Sherlock Holmes

Will probably think of more exciting titles later. But yes! Three episodes in one month and it’s going to be incredible.

We can’t tell you yet… but we have a truly amazing guest coming on in the future. Like… ohmygodyouactuallywanttocomeonomg. So we’ll just tease you with that.

Also, please take a look at our new store!! See our new fancy bar up above? That's right, we have a ton of new navigation!

If you want to be an affiliate, please, let us know! We're still updating, so if you're not on there right now or immediately, don't fret, we're just bums.

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