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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Episode 10: Charlotte Walters & Dan Andriacco

bsb10Curly speaks with authors Charlotte Walters, of Barefoot On Baker Street, and Dan Andriacco of Baker Street Beat about their writing, their love of Holmes, and The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate. Listen to find out who Charlotte would have tea with from the canon, how Reichenbach Falls turns off and on, and some insight on the arguments Team BBC Sherlock will be putting up for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate. This plus a special birthday announcement and a Hound Of The Baskervilles parody song from A Study In Scandal in Toronto, performed by Karen Campbell and Craig Brink of The Bootmakers of Toronto.

Info on The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate
The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate takes place online on Thursday 10th November at 8pm GMT (3pm EST).

Charlotte's Blog: Barefoot On Baker Street
Dan's Blog: Baker Street Beat
Baker Street Babes' Bookshop: http://www.bakerstreetbabesbookshop.com/

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