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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Importance of the Sherlock Fandom

 Original post is on our tumblr, which also has high-res photos: bakerstreetbabes.tumblr.com

To mark the anniversary of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meeting, brave souls ventured out into the winter winds of London. Full of laughs, smiles, and an enduring love, they gathered outside the famous door and proclaimed their support for The Great Consulting Detective

The Sherlock Holmes Anniversary Meetup 2012 in London had over 50 people who Believed in Sherlock Holmes. They also want you to Save Undershaw, the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

You can find out more about this meet up and others at sherlock-meetup.livejournal.com

Help to save Undershaw by visiting The Undershaw Preservation Trust at www.saveundershaw.com

From Ardy:

So I come home on the Sunday night after this meetup, exhausted and floating on emotions, and this photoset has a lot of notes. Like, A LOT.

I don’t even know what to say. One month ago, some friends were saying we should have another London meetup for Holmes-met-Watson Day, so I went “well, if no one else does it, I’ll just put up a post on LJ and see what happens.”

And then Curly made these cardboard letters, and this is what happened.

Thanks to all who came and made this weekend what it was. Thank you for your presence, your support, your fannish enthusiasm, your conversation, everything. It was great seeing so many happy faces and people enjoying themselves. You were fabulous.

I am moved beyond measure by the amazing response to these photos, I am just sitting here with tears in my eyes because this, this, is why I am in fandom. This is what fandom should be about: fun and friendship. Especially so if the fandom in question is centered around the greatest friendship in literature.
It was truly special and I am sure I will remember it for years to come.
From Curly:

Ardy is the one who made this meet up happen. Curly is just a dork and spray painted a bunch of boards (which nearly killed her poor flatmates).

But in all seriousness, this was an amazing moment. People who lived across the street ran down the stairs to take pictures. People stopped along the street. Everyone was smiling. To see a group of people come together with such joy and love for characters and a cause is amazing. The staggering response we’ve had to this is beautiful because this IS what fandom is all about. Sherlock has given so many of us friends, and these pictures here are real testament to that. Some of us knew each other, or had heard of each other, but we mostly didn’t. We just had one thing in common, and that is a love for Sherlock Holmes, his good doctor, and the world he lives in (regardless of the century).

We came together this weekend to celebrate these two men, these stories, and what they’ve given us. Rounding the corner to se people spilling into the streets nearly floored me. Hearing the cheers when I pulled out these boards made my poor little heart go all a flutter. This was amazing. THANK YOU to everyone who came to the meet up. THANK YOU to everyone who has liked and reblogged and even looked at these photos. PLEASE continue to like and reblog them, PLEASE continue to spread the love about #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK and especially Save Undershaw.

Thank you all. Thank you fandom.
xx Curly

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