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Monday, 27 February 2012

NYC has been officially Sherlocked. #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK

More information and photos can be found on the [Baker Street Babes tumblr page].

Baker Street Babe Lyndsay, her delightfully artistic hubby Gabe, and their epic friend Melinda pranced and danced* their way around New York City with customized I Believe In Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty Was Real placards and stickers. The Sherlock Holmes ones even have The Baker Street Babe logo on them!

Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, the subway, NYPD (heehee *snicker*), and Delmonico’s are just some of the landmark places they spread the word of Sherlock Holmes and Jim Moriarty.

More photos as well as close-ups can be found on Melinda’s [flickr page].
This was a collaboration between The Baker Street Babes & The Baker Street Journal.

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