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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sherlock: The Pendant Soldiers. Visual Novel game based off of Charles Augustus Milverton.

Sherlock: The Pendant Soldiers
Sherlock Visual Novel game based off of Charles Augustus Milverton.

Set after The Great Game, but before Series 2, Sherlock Holmes takes on a new case, one that at first seems quite simple and easy to manage.
But one thing leads to another, and soon he and John Watson are involved in a dangerous, complex mystery, unsure who is pulling at the strings.

Instructions for use

1. Download the *.rar on the right. You need winrar (or equivalent) to extract the file.

2. Extract the whole folder somewhere and open the *.exe to start.

3. If you don't have the fonts included, right click to install. But I think they're pretty common fonts.

In-Game instructions

Control is through the mouse.

To exit, navigate to the main menu and quit, or press F12 from wherever you are.

Saving/Loading isn't supported, and anyway the story isn't long enough to make that worthwhile.

  • This is windows only and an updated DirectX is required to see everything properly. The dll problem is to do with DirectX.
  • I advise against saving/reloading, that's what the chapters are for.
  • I advise against playing fullscreen. Bad stuff may happen.
This has been posted with the permission of y0do. Please note he is no longer troubleshooting the VN at all, or answering any questions about it. Please read through the comments [HERE] for any questions. y0do did the art while his IRL friend wrote the story.

We know we are late to the party on this one, but we just discovered it and were instantly in love. This is so much fun and has some lovely nods to the canon in it! There are three endings you can end up getting. Naturally, on our first try, we got the most depressing one. Way to go Ardy.

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