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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


So Taylor came to visit Curly, because they're going to Watson's Tin Box with Lyndsay Faye on Monday, aaaand they decided to get creative. And by they, we mostly mean Taylor because Curly has this thing about putting her hands into thinks that feel ucky.

SO! We Taylor carved two pumpkins! A Baker Street Babes one and a 221B one. Aaaaand they turned out fantastic!!


The pattern for this pumpkin can be found HERE! Just print it out!


221B's stencil was taken from the fabulous shirt by Sophie Hayes , with the B edited so it could be carved.

So, from us to you... A VERY HAPPY HOLMESOWEEN!

Are you carving a Sherlock Holmes pumpkin? Send us pictures and we'll post them!! Send everything to info@bakerstreetbabes.com

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