Central London overfloweth with gorgeous, intelligent women with a thirst for murder. The Baker Street Babes: The Web's Only All Female Sherlock Holmes Podcast. Eat your heart out Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Babes

Want to know about the snarky peeps behind The Baker Street Babes? Well, look no further! Learn some facts, tweet the bajeesus out of them, or just marvel at our silly nicknames.

The Podcasters...

The Hair: Curly aka Kristina
Curly is the founder of the Baker Street Babes. American born but English at heart, she lives between D.C. and London, hoping to call the latter her permanent home. An avid supporter of The Great Mouse Detective, Curly has loved the detective mouse since her childhood, and it was that which got her into Sherlock Holmes. She would like to congratulate herself on her amazing intros on the podcast, and say a genuine thank you to each and every listener. You can find out all you'd like to know about her at her website or follow her on Twitter @CurlyFourEyes

The Legs: Kafers
@kafers A lady who likes her writing, art, travel, food and Taoism. Kafers is full of noodly love for Curly. Haven't you noticed?

The German: Ardy
After maintaining a long-distance relationship with British culture for six years, Ardy now lives near London and is two years shy of asking Britain to go steady, provided they can find the correct ring. They’re at home anywhere that serves a decent cup of tea (scones and jam a definite plus). When they’re not geeking out over Holmes-related things, they like to knit, read, and see exciting plays in London. Follow them on Tumblr or Twitter @ArdyForShort.

The Scot: Turk
Writer, performer and rather sweary Scottish person.

The New Yorker: Jenn
Jenn is a proud Baker Street Babe who is happy to have been introduced to the wonderful world of Sherlock Holmes.  A massive Anglophile, she’s constantly told she should live in England and agrees wholeheartedly.  But until that day comes, she makes camp in the next best place, New York City.  

The Southern Belle: Taylor
Born, raised, and educated in Charleston, SC it's a miracle Taylor can read at all but luckily she can and she chose to read Sherlock Holmes, which leads us to today. When not being a Holmes fangirl you can find Taylor working as merchandise manager for the Harry Potter Music festival Wrockstock (http://www.wrockstock.com/) or for the British Media Track at Dragon*Con (http://www.brittrack.org/). She is currently finishing a communications degree at the College of Charleston, becoming way too involved in British media and working on her life long goal of becoming British. @orpheusetude

The Author: Lyndsay
Lyndsay is on Episode 6 and is the author of the Sherlock Holmes pastiche Dust And Shadow, as well as her own original work. You can visit this amazingly talented lady's website at http://www.lyndsayfaye.com/

 The Reviewers...

The Other German: Maria
Maria is a PhD student of English and was on Episode 2 as well. An amazing friend and community administrator, she is just fantastic.



Honorary Babes are guests we've had on the podcast.
Caitlin: Our Songstress
Caitlin is the insanely talented lyricist and singer of our theme song. She appeared in Episode 2 and is the singer of the Undershaw Preservation Trust campaign song, Arthur. Check out Caitlin's work!  Twitter + Tumblr + YouTube

Trudi: Our Historian
Trudi was our amazing historian and Granada fan on Episode 3. She runs The Baker Street Supper Club as well as her own literary and historical blog Outcast Spirits.